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Competitive edge

  • Access and market penetration. Looking back on more than 20 years of experience we have personal access to the most successful professionals and key business leaders. Despite our detailed market knowledge and our experience, a new tailor made identification process goes with every new search.
  • Responsibility. Every consultant personally carries out the client’s search – from the first briefing by our client to the successful signing of the contract with the closing candidate.
  • Internationality. Our home is German speaking Europe. Our searches target every German speaking candidate in the world. Where required, we execute global searches for international candidates as well. In order to provide a global benchmarking & judgement in a search every global candidate is approached, met and interviewed by the same consultant.
  • We have an extraordinary high percentage of recurring business. Over 80 % of our search mandates come from clients we are allowed to advice since many years. This is how we measure ourselves every day.
  • Judgement. We share our judgement on candidates in a straight forward way. Not the fastest or most expensive candidate is suitable for you but the candidate who meets all of your requirements best.
  • Persuasiveness. Top end candidates ask for qualified conversations. Combining your briefing and our knowledge of the driving factors for a career move in your industry we work out with every candidate what the key challenge in the new job might be for him/her.
  • Limits. We limit the number of search mandates we manage simultaneously in order to be fast and focused. Aiming for a candidate pool of maximum size we limit the number of clients in every industry. ‘Off limits’ will be named upfront.
  • Courage. We would address points that we perceive as critical or debilitating for the success of a search during the briefing. During the first 6 months of the integration of the successful candidate we will coach you and the candidate.
  • We can’t do it all. Should we feel our experience and competence is insufficient for a specific search mandate, we would let you now and refuse making a proposal.
  • Passion. We are in this profession because we are motivated and driven by making our clients more successful compared to their competition every day.